Week 7

I found once again that there can be found a strong link between a concept in nature and its use in technology, this week explored through energy but previously shown through waste in week 6. The truth of matter is that it cannot be created nor destroyed. I learnt that that energy can be stored by photosynthesis and will be released during the process of respiration or combustion. Respiration and combustion are very similar, both taking carbon based compounds and burning them to produce carbon dioxide and water. However respiration occurs readily in nature and combustion is mainly used by humans to control the use of energy as a fuel.

Another important I discovered was the importance of creativity when it comes to science, that many of the process and theories that it explores cannot be seen. Thus one of the struggles that has to be overcome is how to represent and model those processes that cannot actual be seen.

This idea of creativity was also explored in the Ted Talk by Rob Hopkins “Transition to a world without oil” in which he states that… “We can be astonishingly inventive and creative. But we also live in a world with very real constraints and demands… And this is really about looking the challenges of peak oil and climate change square in the face, and responding with a creativity and an adaptability and an imagination that we really need.” Highlighting once again that science requires a sense of inquiry, adventure and imagination.


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