Week 8

What if found interesting this week was the Diagram of a simple ecosystem in the lecture, that although it was labelled as an ecosystem we could see that it was much a food chain. An ecosystem would be much more like a web, showing the interaction between many different plants and animals but instead this diagram only followed one path. Ecosystems rely on the biodiversity of its organisms. This taught me to be a more critical thinker and to evaluate resources more.


The idea of selective breading by humans and the effect it has had on biodiversity is really fascinating. That we are not used to seeing the biodiversity that exists within something like our food. That there are actually numerous types of tomatoes and pumpkins but because they are not sold in mainstream supermarkets we are not aware of them. I also learnt that scientists are even cloning food seeds that produce a good yield. These drastic form of genetic manipulation is quit worrying as it lessens the genetic diversity of the species, meaning they are more susceptible to disease and changes to climate.

The David Suzuki video was really insightful to explain that due to our suburban and modern society we are mainly removed from nature and cannot see the importance of biodiversity. It really challenged me to think about how in touch I was with nature and wanted me to go out and explore some of the unique ecosystems that Victoria has to offer.


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