Week 9

Through this week’s content I learnt that I really didn’t know much about geology and the structure of the earth. I found the information really interesting, as it was not a scientific concept I knew much about. For example I did not know anything much about the earth’s core. I learnt that it is thought to be made of Iron as it is heavier than rock and would explain the magnetic field of the earth.

Another aspect I found interesting was the effect of the largely European faring practises that Australia has adopted and how that has effected the salinity of the soil. The image below shows how we removed deeply rooted plants and replaced them with short rooted crops for farming. However the short rooted crops don’t actual reach the groundwater and thus has caused it to rise to the salt, thus increasing the salinity of the soil. This salt dehydrates the cells and thus living things can’t survive in such an environment. Therefore highlights the importance of using the correct farming techniques for the land.

Untitled 3

I found the section of the lecture dedicated to the position of the earth and its axis really confusing but found this video to help me understand it. I really liked the videos graphics in its explanation of the concepts.


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